Jackfir Conversations: Myles Spar, MD, MPH

written by Charlie Razook, Founder



We sat down with Internist Myles Spar to discuss career and skincare. Dr. Spar is a leading authority in personalized performance medicine as an author, teacher, researcher, TEDx talk speaker, contributor to Men’s Journal and the L.A. Times, an expert on national TV shows, and a faculty member of the University of Arizona. He is also National Director and VP of Medical Services for AndHealth, a digital health company utilizing root cause medicine and participatory care to reverse chronic illness.


Why is men's health such an important topic to you?

I have dedicated the last 10 years of my professional life to performance medicine focusing on men’s health because I was struck by men winning at the dying game - specifically, at dying from preventable diseases at younger ages than women. Men simply don’t engage in the behaviors they need to in order to live longer and healthier. I knew I needed to focus on engaging men in their own health by learning what behaviors would help them achieve their goals and love longer.

What are the top three changes a man can make to live a healthier lifestyle?

1- Identify your “why”. Studies such as the Blue Zones, have shown that people who have a clear sense of purpose live 7 years longer than those who don’t. It is important to have a reason for getting up in the morning in order to have motivation needed to make healthy behavior change.


2- Engage in a daily stress management routine. Stress kills. Some men think that feeling stressed helps keep them primed for responding to challenges, but chronic stress actually depletes our creativity, increases aging and inflammation and weakens the immune system. So implementing a routine that tells the brain that everything is under control actually leads to a decrease in hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, so your body can focus on healing, detoxification, elimination of waste and creative thinking - all activities that are under prioritized when the brain senses a crisis is afoot. 

Do you have a skincare routine? If so, what is it? When did you become attune to skincare?

I am serious about skincare for a couple of reasons. First - years ago when I was doing a triathlon, I lined up in corals by age as instructed. I looked around at the other guys between 40 and 45 and thought - “these guys look old!”  I was especially noticing their faces and wrinkles, and I was determined not to show my age as obviously as they were.  2nd - I grew up in South Carolina and lived in Southern California for 20 years, so I knew I had to protect myself from skin cancer. 

Which Jackfir product is your favorite and why?

I love the Classic Daily Facial Cleanser because it has just the right amount of exfoliation (keeping my skin looking young and fighting wrinkles) while being able to be used every day and rinsing off easily.