Why should men care about their skincare being "clean"?

 written by Charlie Razook, Founder


We are facing an unprecedented health crisis, and women seem to be more aware of it than men.


Let’s start with a couple simple facts:



So, why aren’t men more concerned? One factor is that women will often face a health epiphany when they become pregnant, an experience unique to women. Suddenly, it is time to clean up their diets, exercise more, switch out their household cleaners and personal care products for non-toxic options, etc. It is no longer just about them. Another life is involved.


Men don’t always face such an impetus. I had a health awakening when I was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Thankfully, this isn’t very common, but cancer rates in young men and women are increasing every year. I’ve made it my mission as wannabe-men’s-health-expert to lower guys’ toxic burdens. My vehicle: personal care.


We are slowly poisoning ourselves. The causes are endless: industrial pollution, pesticides in food and water, chemicals like phthalates and BPAs. Many chemicals are forever chemicals, meaning once they, for example, coat a non-stick frying pan then leach into the environment, they are here to stay.


Skincare products are one of the very clear ways we interact with chemicals. When I was diagnosed with leukemia and became aware of the toxins in our daily interactions, I was shocked by what was inside my medicine cabinet. Chemicals like formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, and dibutyl and diethylhexyl phthalates, which disrupt hormones and harm the reproductive system, are present in many skincare products and unregulated by the government. (FYI—They are banned in Europe.) I was rubbing these all over my body’s biggest organ—my skin.


When I began searching for non-toxic options on the market, everything I could find that fit my clean criteria was made for and marketed towards women. I decided to offer a super-certified, clean men’s product to help men hopefully lessen the toxic burden in their everyday lives.


We know we aren’t curing the men’s health crisis, but by contributing a cleaner personal care option for men, we are hoping to help lower men’s daily interactions with toxins.


It is time to start prioritizing men’s health.


Stay clean and leave no trace!