What do you know about your tap water?

 written by Charlie Razook, Founder


I was speaking with a world-renowned green chemist a few years back while concepting Jackfir, and he said something that stuck with me. “What could so clearly explain similar cancer rates in geographically distant places like New Hampshire and Minnesota?” His answer: tap water.


Tap water all over is full of contaminants, no matter how well we treat it. It is unavoidable circumstance of being alive. Industrial pollution, animal farm manure runoff, pesticide and fertilizer runoff—it all enters our water sources. It’s the law of the conservation of matter. It is going somewhere…You can check your local sources in the EWG Tap Water Database.


If you are looking to clean up your life and avoid some of the guaranteed daily chemical interactions that come with being alive today, look into water delivery or a good filtration system. I get Mountain Valley Spring delivery, spring water from the Ouachita Mountains. If you go the filter route, a Brita won’t go anything. I recommend the Aquasana 3-Stage Max Flow Claryum Under Sink Water Filter System—it is independently certified by NSF, just like our products! A more affordable countertop option is the Apex MR-1050.


You can also find the best match per your specific concern on the NSF website.


x Charlie