Jackfir Conversations: Noah Wunsch

written by Charlie Razook, Founder



We sat down with Noah Wunsch, the founder of Ruby. Ruby is a 100% certified organic hibiscus water in both flat and sparkling varieties. Prior to founding Ruby, Noah worked in Art for Sotheby's Auction House. Noah lives in New York City. 

What was your path to founding Ruby?

Prior to Ruby I worked at Sotheby’s Auction House where I ran global ecommerce. It was while I was at Sotheby’s that I  became more cognizant of “what I was putting into my body,” particularly what I was drinking - primarily all of the "better for you" beverages on the market: kombucha and coconut water, which, while they have functional benefits, are slammed with sugar. I wanted to find a beverage that had a big full flavor, but without all of the sugar, which is exactly how I found hibiscus. I started making it at home and quickly became addicted to it. Hibiscus is naturally full of antioxidants, so I started noticing the benefits of reduced sugar and an enhanced water - I lost weight, my skin got better, I was sleeping better, so from there I just dove into beverage head first.

Do you have any health and wellness routines?


I wish I had a better answer to this, but not really. I walk everywhere. I'm a born and raised New Yorker and I love walking as far and as long as I can, sometimes with a podcast, sometimes with music, often with my dog Indie. Otherwise I need my sleep. That's probably the most important thing. Otherwise a healthy diet. My go to snack is raw pistachio kernels and my go to dessert is frozen blueberries, because apparently I'm 90 years old.

Do you have a skincare routine? If so, what is it? When did you become attune to skincare?


I moisturize once a day, that's it. I know I should do more, but yah, that's it, and I rarely go in the sun, so that counts... right?... right?

Which Jackfir product is your favorite and why?


Your moisturizer!!! Because it actually makes my skin feel healthy. So many of the products i've tried in the past leave a dried-out feeling, but yours actually feels hydrating.