Jackfir Conversations: Igee Okafor

 written by Charlie Razook, Founder

Image Credit: Kelly Serfoss.

We sat down with men's fashion and culture expert Igee Okafor to discuss career and skincare. 
Originally from Lagos, Nigeria, Igee moved with his family to the United States to further his learning. Igee is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of BOND OFFICIAL and men's style blog WWW.VERYIGEEOKAFOR.COM.

How did you decide to pursue men's style and culture as a career?
I'm not sure this was an intentional setup for me. I knew I wanted to work in fashion or design of some sort growing up. It was either that, or I was going to be an entertainer. These things make up part of culture and the common thread is curiosity and exploration. I wanted to put myself in a place where I observed and did something impactful with what I has observed. My first professional exposure to it all was writing about men's style on my personal blog in 2011. This then allowed me the opportunity to write about the same subject for a variety of publications. As I advanced in my writing career, I became more exposed to different facets of the world and what I considered to be men's interests. My curiosity about the furthering  of what that means is why we are still here. 
Do you have any tips for men to live a healthier lifestyle?
Sleep is very important. Exercise, make an effort to eat moderately and make time for hobbies and people that make you happy. 

Do you have a skincare routine? If so, what is it? 
When did you become attune to skincare?
I do. I use a daily cleanser/exfoliator, a toner, a hyaluronic and vitamin c serum, a moisturizer and sunscreen. My interest in skincare really started towards the end of my high school years. I started to break out a lot, I wasn't sure why and my mother and I started to look into ways we could help improve my condition. I saw a dermatologist who recommended Accutane which I was on for a while and really helped. From then on, it became all about maintenance. I started to experiment with skincare products to find what worked for me the most. Going back to my skincare routine, I do not think everyone needs these products. I've just found that they work really well for me all together and that's how it should be. Explore and find what works for you. It could be two products or eight. 

Which Jackfir product is your favorite and why?
The Classic Daily Facial Cleanser is great. Removing daily toxins from the skin and then restoring hydration and moisture is the ultimate skincare function for me. The texture of the cleanser feels comforting and it's very lightweight.