A Review of Food Fix by Mark Hyman

 written by Charlie Razook, Founder


Okay, go buy this book right now. Mark Hyman breaks down the ripple effect our food policies and farming practices has on our bodies and economy. Have you ever thought that instead of waiting to get and treat cancer like I did, we can practice preventative medicine through changing our food supply chain? Why don’t we subsidize local farming, regenerative farming, and organic foods instead of high fructose corn syrup, which is correlated to diabetes and heart disease? Why aren’t we keeping people out of the hospital to begin with and thereby saving billions of dollars? Hyman ponders these questions.


If you did not know, my health journey actually began with food, not skincare. When I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2018, the doctors could not tell me why or how I became sick. They attributed it to some combination of genetics and environment. What precisely in the environment, though, they could not tell me.


As soon as I was able to, I changed how I ate. What we put inside ourselves, food and water namely, are the most important decisions we make each day. Food is processed internally, touching organs, being digested. If you are buying pesticide treated foods, believe you me you are poisoning your body more quickly than someone eating organic.


An added benefit: Eating clean is good for your complexion!


If only the fix was so simple, though. I come from a privileged place that allows me to buy organic, which carries a significant monetary burden.


We need to make clean and organic food a right, not a privilege. You can start by petitioning the Farm Bill.


For a generation producing a surplus of food in the western world yet facing unprecedented food scarcity in the future, we need to ensure quality food for not just ourselves but all of humanity. Our usable topsoil is disappearing.


Did you know that agriculture (and the related deforestation) are responsible for between 25-50% of all greenhouse gases?


The system is broken. Let’s commit to a cleaner future. Our lives depend on it.


Buy Food Fix today from your local bookstore.


Stay clean,