A Review of Clean: The New Science of Skin by James Hamblin

written by Charlie Razook, Founder


I recently devoured James Hamblin’s new book Clean: The New Science of Skin. In the book Hamblin ponders how much of the skincare and personal care category is science versus marketing. At the crux of his argument is the point that the less you do the better. Essentially, the body is good at self-regulating everything from its pH to its microbiome. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it (and apply millions of different tonics and serums).


Here at Jackfir, we could not agree more. Less IS more. We offer a carefully tailored, limited selection of products that we believe serve minimal and functional purposes. Regarding facial skincare, a cleanser and a moisturizer are great starting points for many to maintain healthy skin. Our shave cream serves a functional purpose, to maintain a clean-shaven look, and providing an easy, smooth shaving experience that leaves the skin hydrated.


We are not here to market and peddle you things that you do not want or need. While some people might not want our simplistic offering, we do believe it serves a purpose to help the skin’s appearance and help prevent both dryness and oiliness. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here!


Hamblin also encourages showering less. He has not in at least five years. We do not recommend this, especially in a post-COVID world. To test the experiment, I lowered my showing from twice a day to once a day and have maintained this practice for almost two years now. The result: I am a bit groggier in the mornings without my shower, and I do not feel any better physically. So, for me personally, the verdict is still out. Appearance wise, my skin has not changed.


So, as always, we recommend the following to find out your perfect routine.

1) Most skin issues start internally. Manage your stress, change your diet, get enough sleep, drink water, and spend time in nature consistently before turning to topicals to treat your skin issues.

2) Give Jackfir a try and do what feels right. Increase or decrease the times you wash and moisturize per week until you see how best your skin reacts. We think you’ll be thrilled with the results.


Buy Clean today from your local bookstore.


Stay clean,